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Source code for cork.json_backend

# Cork - Authentication module for the Bottle web framework
# Copyright (C) 2013 Federico Ceratto and others, see AUTHORS file.
# Released under LGPLv3+ license, see LICENSE.txt

.. module:: json_backend
   :synopsis: JSON file-based storage backend.

from logging import getLogger
import os
import shutil
import sys

    import json
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    import simplejson as json

from .base_backend import BackendIOException

is_py3 = (sys.version_info.major == 3)

log = getLogger(__name__)

    py23dict = dict
except AttributeError:
    class py23dict(dict):
        iteritems = dict.items

[docs]class BytesEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
[docs] def default(self, obj): if is_py3 and isinstance(obj, bytes): return obj.decode() return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
[docs]class JsonBackend(object): """JSON file-based storage backend.""" def __init__(self, directory, users_fname='users', roles_fname='roles', pending_reg_fname='register', initialize=False): """Data storage class. Handles JSON files :param users_fname: users file name (without .json) :type users_fname: str. :param roles_fname: roles file name (without .json) :type roles_fname: str. :param pending_reg_fname: pending registrations file name (without .json) :type pending_reg_fname: str. :param initialize: create empty JSON files (defaults to False) :type initialize: bool. """ assert directory, "Directory name must be valid" self._directory = directory self.users = py23dict() self._users_fname = users_fname self.roles = py23dict() self._roles_fname = roles_fname self._mtimes = py23dict() self._pending_reg_fname = pending_reg_fname self.pending_registrations = py23dict() if initialize: self._initialize_storage() self._refresh() # load users and roles def _initialize_storage(self): """Create empty JSON files""" self._savejson(self._users_fname, {}) self._savejson(self._roles_fname, {}) self._savejson(self._pending_reg_fname, {}) def _refresh(self): """Load users and roles from JSON files, if needed""" self._loadjson(self._users_fname, self.users) self._loadjson(self._roles_fname, self.roles) self._loadjson(self._pending_reg_fname, self.pending_registrations) def _loadjson(self, fname, dest): """Load JSON file located under self._directory, if needed :param fname: short file name (without path and .json) :type fname: str. :param dest: destination :type dest: dict """ try: fname = "%s/%s.json" % (self._directory, fname) mtime = os.stat(fname).st_mtime if self._mtimes.get(fname, 0) == mtime: # no need to reload the file: the mtime has not been changed return with open(fname) as f: json_data = except Exception as e: raise BackendIOException("Unable to read json file %s: %s" % (fname, e)) try: json_obj = json.loads(json_data) dest.clear() dest.update(json_obj) self._mtimes[fname] = os.stat(fname).st_mtime except Exception as e: raise BackendIOException("Unable to parse JSON data from %s: %s" \ % (fname, e)) def _savejson(self, fname, obj): """Save obj in JSON format in a file in self._directory""" fname = "%s/%s.json" % (self._directory, fname) try: with open("%s.tmp" % fname, 'w') as f: json.dump(obj, f, cls=BytesEncoder) f.flush() shutil.move("%s.tmp" % fname, fname) except Exception as e: raise BackendIOException("Unable to save JSON file %s: %s" \ % (fname, e))
[docs] def save_users(self): """Save users in a JSON file""" self._savejson(self._users_fname, self.users)
[docs] def save_roles(self): """Save roles in a JSON file""" self._savejson(self._roles_fname, self.roles)
[docs] def save_pending_registrations(self): """Save pending registrations in a JSON file""" self._savejson(self._pending_reg_fname, self.pending_registrations)